Keep Your Next Promotion “Cool” With Promotional Coolers

As the summer season approaches, so does an increase in corporate events, company picnics, races, golf events, and festivals. The common link between all of these events is the giveaway. Promotional products are a key part of every corporate event, as they help to keep it going long after the event is over. One of the most versatile and universal items for summer events is the cooler, our option of choice this summer.

Promotional coolers come in a few forms – lunch coolers, 6-pack coolers, insulated shopping totes and event coolers. Finding creative ways to use these in your promotion is easier than you think. Below is a collection of ideas on how to use coolers in your promotion.

Lunch and 6-Pack Coolers mccoy cooler

· Pack a brown bag lunch in an imprinted lunch cooler and give to runners after a race or to attendees at your picnic

· Use a collapsible lunch cooler as an invitation to your event. Print the event name on the front of the cooler and include a flyer inside with details for the event.

· Have your sales team to use lunch coolersduring the summer. If your sales team brings lunch in for clients, either pack their lunches in a cooler, or simply give the coolers to each customer after the lunch meeting.

· These coolers are a great size to use as packaging. Use them to introduce your new product or filled with goodies from a festival.

· A great employee morale booster for companies whose employees work outside – have a company executive drop by the site and bring everyone lunch in a printed cooler.

Insulated Shopping Totes

· At most races and festivals, there are many vendors and booths, all giving away different items. Give an insulated shopping tote to all attendees as they register as a different twist on the normal tote giveaway.

· If you have games at your event, like a scavenger hunt, give each participant an insulated shopping tote to collect their items in. It will be used as a tool for the game and a great item to take home.

Event Coolers

· If you are considering auctioning off different baskets at your next event or golf outing, use event coolers as the ‘basket’, they are more functional and will get more use than a typical basket.


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